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Privacy Policy

Hereafter, the following definitions will be used to simplify the following document

'We', 'Us' - Refers to us, Atomic Systems IP Ltd.
'You' - Refers to you, the user accessing a resource or service owned or operated by Atomic Systems IP Ltd.
'Web Site' - Refers to or unless otherwise specified in brackets


We are a Limited Company in the United Kingdom, registration number: 03881636.

We were originally started to develop innovative web based applications to promote creativity on the Internet, however the last four years has seen us re-focus our attentions exclusively at the Train Simulation genre.

We make use of a number of third party companies to obtain services we can't readily provide for ourselves, these organisations have their own privacy policies and we would invite you to read them as you have done for ours.

The three primary companies that we utilise and whose systems you may directly or indirectly access while visiting our web sites are as follows:

Burst Media -
Privacy Policy:
Burst Media are an advertising and marketing agency used to provide banner advertising on the web site.

World Pay Ltd -
Privacy Policy -
World Pay are used to collect Credit and Debit card payments.

Google -
Privacy Policy -
Google are used for some of the banners on the site.

Collection of Information

(A) Our web sites perform logging of every request made to the server, this includes the kind of browser that you use to access the system.

(B) While we do not currently do it, we reserve the right to track your access of the web sites that we run in order to understand usage patterns and optimise the web site so that it provides a better experience.

(C) The system currently keeps a log of every file downloaded by every user, you can view this historic log (which dates back to the first time the system performed a download, ever) by clicking on 'My Downloads' when you are logged in.

(D) We do not and will not perform any tracking of your activities outside of our web sites.

(E) We collect limited information about you via web forms that you must proactively complete. This information includes Full name, Username/Password (stored in an encrypted, non de-cryptable format), postal and email address information, gender, age range and country. No information is collected automatically or loaded from any external data source, if you did not enter it - we do not have it.

(F) We do NOT collect or store credit card or other financial information on any of our servers, all online card processing is handled through World Pay and they do NOT make this information available to us.

Use and Disclosure of Information

Each section here relates to the same lettered section in the 'Collection of Information' section.

(A) This information is strictly for our own use but if this is ever made public it will only be made public in a summary or report form showing totals and there will not be any possible way that it can be tracked back to an individual. For example, such a report might show how many hits the site had per month.

(B) If we should start to perform this activity we will not make the data available to anyone outside of the organisation and it will not be kept for more than 90 days. On engaging in this activity we pledge to clearly announce this change in the Privacy Policy.

(C) This information is not disclosed to anyone outside of yourself. Authors of files may see summarised data based on the counts that are stored such as how many downloads a file has had on a particular day but will not be able to trace that back to an individuals accesses.

(D) No data collected.

(E) This information is used strictly for your time on our web site and the information is not made available to any third parties. The only exception to this is when you register a commercial product through our registration system (previously this included London Brighton Express and currently includes London South East). When you completed that registration form you would have selected an opt-in tick box as to whether the details could be used for contact from the commercial company in question (e.g. Europeanbahn or Making Tracks) and whether you permitted them to pass your details on - both tick boxes default to OFF so if you left them at their default settings your information is completely secure. In any case, these commercial companies do not have access to your entire information data set as stored on our systems.

(F) No data collected.


We will make every effort to provide an appropriate level of security for the data held on the system and protect your data from unauthorised access. In the potential event of anyone breaching the security we pledge to notify all those affected users via the web site in a prominent position (usually in the form of a sticky or news posting).

Our servers are located in secure facilities in Virginia, USA and they are dedicated servers - we are not sharing the server with any other users outside of us.



The name is derived from 'fortune cookie', something that has some small data contained within it.

A 'cookie' is a small piece of textual data that can be requested to be stored on your computer by a web site in order to provide some persistent information between requests to the site. This could include storing a session id, storing username and password information or other such information that enables modern automated facilities such as automatically completing web forms in for example.

If you are unfamiliar with the uses that cookies can be put to and the pro's and con's of permitting them then we would strongly recommend that you visit to find out more.

First-Party Cookies

First Party Cookies are ones that come directly from the web site that you are using.

Atomic Systems IP Ltd generally does not use Cookies for numerous reasons, however where they are used they will only be used to store session information required to process your login and will be configured to be deleted after you have logged out of the system - unless you have asked the system to retain your login details so that you do not have to log in on your next visit, this will require a cookie containing your login information to be stored on your computer.

The main site and the cd ordering systems do NOT use Cookies in any way, if you see any use of cookies outside of this policy then please report it immediately to The forums have the ability to retain your login information in a cookie so that you do not have to log in again on your next visit, this must be configured at login time by specifically ticking a check-box.

Our session management is performed through the use of additions to the URL's generated by the system rather than session cookies. You can see this for yourself with the presence of 'CUTHERE=[big long string of letters and numbers]' in a URL as you move from page to page.

Third-Party Cookies

Third Party Cookies come from a third party web site that is used as part of the main web site you are using. For example, the banners that you see on UKTrainSim are sourced from Burst Media, while the image appears to come as part of the main page and looks like it is coming from us it is not. When you receive this image it will usually come with at least one cookie from Burst Media - so you are receiving the cookie while browsing UKTrainSim, but it is not actually coming from UKTrainSim.

We regularly make use of numerous third parties to provide services and facilities to our users and these may have cookies on them. The uses to which these cookies are put to is outside of our control however we invite you to browse their privacy policies to determine if you wish to accept or reject these cookies. Their details are included above.

Please Note:
Premium (paid subscription) users can reject cookies from Burst Media and Google without any impact on the web site as they are funding their own bandwidth. Non-premium (i.e. free) users are funded from the banner advertising and hindering this facility from working correctly could jeapordise the quantity and availability of this bandwidth for non-premium users.

Technical Information

If you wish to disable cookies from one or more places on the Internet you should consult your browsers 'help' documentation. Some browsers such as Internet Explorer allow you to switch it to a 'prompt' mode that will ask you for every cookie, providing full information about each cookie that is trying to be saved - however this will seriously hamper your browsing experience and it is recommended that you either set your system to accept or reject certain cookies completely.

If you reject cookies you may suffer a reduced experience on the web site or other anomolies outside of our control. We are aiming to keep Atomic Systems free of First-Party cookies but we are dependent on the above 3rd parties for services we cannot provide for ourselves.

Questions and Further Information...

If you have any questions, require clarifications or would like further information on our approach to your privacy please contact us at

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