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JustTrains Service Packs
Friday 22 April 2016By PeterPeddlesden [Peter John Peddlesden]

Two service packs have been released by JustTrains, one for their Atlantic High Speed product and the other for the UBahn Frankfurt product - read on for more details.

Atlantic High Speed

This update includes the following changes:

Several of the TGV train controls have been changed to be the same as the standard Train Simulator items to help ensure easier and more familiar operation. This applies to English QWERTY and French AZERTY keyboard users. IMPORTANT - Please read the updated manual to see the revised key use allocations.

The TGV braking performance has been improved.

Two new scenarios have been added:

Atlantic TGV Tutorial
Loco: AHS-TGV-ATL loco1
Duration: 10 minutes
Description: Learn to drive the Atlantic TGV.

Troubleshooting on the Line
Loco: AHS-TGV-ATL loco2
Duration: 60 Minutes
Description: A TGV is down shortly before Vendome. You must dock it, after you have opened the nose coupler covers (CTRL+Y) and then push it up to Vendome.

A Quick Drive has been added to enable you to drive from South to North.

Scenario text is now shown in French language for users with French versions of Train Simulator.

The English and French manuals have been updated to reflect the revised key operations and scenario additions.

Further updates are in progress by the developer - the next is planned to address the reduced frames rates in certain locations.

Frankfurt UBahn

Important service pack as this includes the addition of the U5 line to this pack.

All the details can be found here:

The popular U-Bahn Frankfurt add-on for TS2016 has been updated and now includes the U5 line, providing 5.1km of new track to drive and 13 detailed new stations:

  • Glauburgstrasse
  • Deutsche Nationalbibliothek
  • Hauptfriedhof
  • Neuer Jüdischer Friedhof
  • Eckenheimer Landstrasse/ Marbachweg
  • Schwabstrasse
  • Marbachweg / Sozialzentrum
  • Giessener Strasse
  • Theobald-Ziegler-Strasse
  • Ronneburgstrasse
  • Sigmund-Freud-Strasse
  • Preungesheim

    The Dornbusch-Eckenheimer Landstrasse connecting service (not passenger) line (1km of new track) has also been added as well as a new depot at Betriebshof Eckenheim, and the new U-Bahn Frankfurt software also includes a number of other updates and fixes - take a look at the Support section for full details.


  • Scottish Central PLUS
    For MSTS
    NOW AVAILABLE in CD Ordering!

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