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WCML North Scenario Pack #1

25 scenarios donated by members of the community using a range of DLC, Freeware and default rolling stock.

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This pack contains 25 scenarios ranging from diesel, electric, freight, passenger, and local commuter runs. This pack uses a range of DLC and Freeware Packs but the ONLY required item is the WCML North route. To use all the scenarios you will need all the items below but even if you are missing some items there will still be plenty you can play. Each scenario lists the content required in the description to help you choose scenarios you can play.

Required Steam DLC

Recommended/Optional Steam DLC

Recommended/Optional UKTS Freeware Packs

Version History

1.1.4 - 23rd December 2012

  • Added update of the Class 390 repaint by Horgy

1.1.3 - 22nd April 2012

  • Added French translations thanks to T163R and Mat_25

1.1.2 - 31st March 2012

  • Installer now copies DLC shape files to correct locations if RailWorks is on a drive letter other than the system drive (C:)
  • Installer now checks you have the minimum required versions for the pre-requisite freeware packs

1.1.1 - 4th March 2012

  • Added in missing credit for crosscitytrains
  • Install dialogues standardised
  • Option to download the RWRegFix utility on install folder selection dialogue
  • Batch file now runs on repair as well as install
  • Changed the dialogue order so missing pre-requisites is shown after the user gets the option of changing there RailWorks Install folde

1.1.0 - 2nd March 2012

  • Fixed big in the missing pre-requisites dialogue and changed the background image so that it did not make the text hard to read.
  • Updated timings on "Evening Express to Glasgow" by MichaelDono
  • Updated screenshots in the manual. Screenshots taken by 220389
  • Added popup message relating to tabbing past a signal on "September Commute" by 47traveller
  • Corrected some popup message typos on "The Penmanshiel Waltz" by bdy26
  • Updated list of beta testers
  • Updated "Turning an HST" by USRailFan due to the broken cab views on the Oovee Buffer Pack
  • Pack released to public

1.0.8 - 27th February 2012

  • Fixed "Southeastern 508 Storage Run" Just Trains version. No longer get SBHH on uncouple
  • Removed the refuel task from both the "Southeastern 508 Storage Run" versions as many had problems refuelling. Scenario now just ends with the loco being stabled
  • Updated Bonfire Eve by RudolfJan. Additional messages about tabbing past a signal
  • Added credits for beta testers

1.0.7 - 21st February 2012

  • Fixed JustTrain Class 67 scenario versions to show correct loco.
  • Swapped 67006 and 67005 for JustTrains "A Right Royal Do" scenario due to cab corruption issue on 67005
  • Flipped player loco on "Southeastern 508 Storage Run" (JustTrains and RSC versions)
  • Updated "September Commute" by 47traveller
  • Added popup messages to "3B49 08:15 Glasgow Salkeld St-Edinburgh Parcels" due to signal stuck on red
  • All JustTrain Class 67 scenarios now have a "Top Tip" popup instructing the user to only save the scenario when the train is stationary
  • Added 75mph Max speed limit note to USRailFan's Yorkshire Coal scenario

1.0.6 - 12th February 2012

  • Spelling mistakes corrected in the manual (thanks Mervyn61 for proofing the manual)
  • DLC, Freeware Packs and re-skins required / used by this pack now listed in the manual
  • Scenarios which use the RSC Class 67 as the player train now have cloned scenarios with the Just Trains Class 67 used. This allows players to choose which version to use.
  • Updated Loopy Lanark by AndyM77
  • Updated Getting Coal by RudolfJan

1.0.5 - 10th February 2012

  • Beta release of the WCML-N Scenario Pack #1. All previous versions were for the Scenario Creators only.
  • Manual Added

1.0.4 - 2nd February 2012

  • Moved the SEC to default content instead of Payware
  • Added missing Oovee Buffer Pack items to the allowed list
  • Added UKTS 24231 Virgin Trains HST Repaint by David Hossack

1.0.3 - 15th January 2012

  • Changed way UKTS 27604 "Virgin Trains Mk3a Repaint" by David Hossack was installed to prevent removal of core texture on uninstall
  • Fixed Class 156 Scotrail repaint by 47015. If used as a player train then SBHH as soon as it was selected (if free roam) or on load if any other type of scenario

1.0.2 - 9th January 2012

  • Added UK Wagons Pack which comes with the Class 66 when purchased through Steam to the "allowed" list of rolling stock
  • Added the SEC to the "allowed" list of stock
  • Added UKTS 27604 "Virgin Trains Mk3a Repaint" by David Hossack

1.0.1 - 5th January 2012

  • 1st public release of this document

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