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West Country Peacock [15 May 2017]
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Description:West Country Peacock

All three parts of a multi-part scenario for the JT Western Mainlines with the South Devon extension.

Back in the GWR era and still continuing well into BR days, there was quite a substantial summer flow of traffic from various West and South Midlands towns and cities to the popular South West resorts. This included the likes of Worcester and Hereford which your train serves today as well as the more obvious larger places such as Birmingham. One of those services forms the theme of the scenario you drive today.This will be a multi-part scenario, and will be further split into small sections for increased compatibility on this huge, and still growing route.
Load your passengers ready for departure shortly. A London bound express will leave before you on this first 'Snacktime' sized part of the scenario with the climb over the South Devon hills as far as Newton Abbot, from where part two will continue to Taunton. Then the final part three takes you to Severn Tunnel Junction on the assumption of a crew change there, before proceeding along Maindee Junction East curve toward Hereford .

Please note that we have probably been a bit generous with the useage of the Class 22, as most had already gone by the time of this scenario....
About 50 minutes for part one, and just over an hour for the other two parts

Payware Required:
DT/AP BR Mark 1 Coaches and DT British Railways Wagons Pack
DTG Class 35 Bayer Peacock Hymek
IHH Class 25/3 Class 33, Class 45 Peaks, Class 117 and the IHH free Bonus pack
IHH Class 52 Western TS2013 plus the full Western Diesels pack given free with this loco.

RSC Falmouth route for the South Devon Railway "cameo" movements only.

If on your scenario start a message regarding missing stock appears because of a lack of this route, just simply press F2 and run the newly created file. It will on this occasion still work....

Freeware Required:
UKTS Freeware Pack UK Wagons and UK Carriages.
Vulcan productions VP BR Class 35 Pack from:


Rose and Gareth
Uploader:rosgar (gareth hopwood) - More from this uploader
File ID:36848
Download Count:72
Simulator:Train Simulator 2013
File Size:0.88 Mb (923,426 bytes)
Operating Company:British Rail Blue Era - More in this Company
File Type:Activity - More of this File Type
Gauge:UK Standard
Class:TS2013 - More of this Class
Country:United Kingdom - More in this country
3D Model Author:N/A
Skin Author:N/A
Cab Author:N/A
Sound Author:N/A

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