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Snacktime Bonus - 60s Tyne Travel [06 Mar 2017]
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Description:Snacktime Bonus - 60s Tyne Travel

Two similar but also very different scenarios for the NE Rails v2 route from UKTS (36366) and needing around 40 minutes each. Although set a mere 2 years apart there are numerous changes to each individual version, including an almost completely changed stock requirement...

Snacktime Bonus - Early 60s Tyne Travel
Back in the early 1960s among the many local services around Newcastle is this morning worker's train to South Shields. By 1963 most of the traction was still steam, with a rather motley assortment of types on display. The first diesels had however started to appear, but it would be another couple of years before the steamers would disappear from the scene, even then a few hung around on freight duties around the area. Gateshead however had moved over to a diesel depot by then, so enjoy this late look of steam domination. Yes, we know the J50s didn't quite get this far North, (J32?) but somehow still manage to look the part...Prepare your train and make sure those doors are still open.
Departs 08.05 so you have around 5 minutes to soak up the atmosphere at Newcastle first.
Snacktime Bonus - Mid 1960s Tyne Travel
A second look at this morning worker's train to South Shields. By 1965 just two years later Gateshead shed had lost any regular steam allocation, by now many of the earlier, and often ancient steam types had been replaced by diesels, including your train. There are a few odd steam workings around though, not all the local sheds have fully closed to steam yet, most using the BR standard types, and of course the odd remaining Thompson B1.
Enjoy 5 minutes at the platform while your passengers board the train. Departs 08.05 on this lovely clear Autumn morning. Look out for one of the Thornaby Class 27s as well, not that they lasted long South of the border...Yes, we used the coaches too so please beware if you swap anything out....
Early 60s Payware Required:
Marketplace Thompson Corridor set 2
JT LNER V2 Advanced (includes AI Standard 4MT and 5MT)
Meshtools LNER J50 and J94 Packs
RSC BR Livery A4 Pack and Thompson B1 Pack
Assets from both Woodhead and Weardale routes are also required

Freeware Required:
UKTS Freeware Project - UK Wagons, and UK Carriages
Mid 60s Payware Required:
DT via JT Class 40 pack with extra green liveries
RSC Standard 9F, Class 27 Pack, and the Thompson B1 Pack
Assets from the Weardale route are also required

Freeware Required:
UKTS Freeware Project - UK Wagons, and UK Carriages


Rose and Gareth
Uploader:rosgar (gareth hopwood) - More from this uploader
File ID:36642
Download Count:120
Simulator:Train Simulator 2013
File Size:0.56 Mb (592,353 bytes)
Operating Company:British Railways - More in this Company
File Type:Activity - More of this File Type
Gauge:UK Standard
Class:TS2013 - More of this Class
Country:United Kingdom - More in this country
3D Model Author:N/A
Skin Author:N/A
Cab Author:N/A
Sound Author:N/A

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