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Traffic Troubles [31 May 2012]
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Description:Traffic Troubles 170 and Traffic Troubles 380 - scenarios for UKTS Freeware Route The Mayflower Line v.2.0.0

Description --------------------

Drive a Class 170 or Class 380 from just south of Manningtree to Harwich Town on a much-troubled evening. Total driving time is approximately 0:33. This is a quickie meant to entertain with lots of traffic interaction. I've made two separate versions, so pick your favorite or drive them both. I enjoy the 380 for its acceleration and quiet, but the view is quite restricted. The 170 is a bit slower, but there's plenty of glass to enjoy the scenery and AI traffic.

Details --------------------

A malfunctioning signal/gate system at the Manningtree level crossing has traffic snarled in both directions on the Mayflower Line. To make matters worse, a number of HST, Class 86 and Voyager rail tours are being run out of Harwich International.

The scenario opens at 20:00 hours with your unit located just short of the signal immediately south of Manningtree station. The weather is partly cloudy with brief showers. Pull up to the red then wait approximately 2 1/2 minutes for your turn to proceed to your stop at Manningtree. Delays will continue through Manningtree, so stay alert! Departing Manningtree keep your speed at 25 until you reach the 60 mph sign just east of the town.

After Mannintree you will stop at Mistley, Wrabness, Harwich International (ARR no later than 20:25; DEP at exactly 20:27), Dovercourt, and your terminus at Harwich Town, arriving approximately 20:33. AI timings are tight and finely balanced with your unit's schedule. Maintaining your schedule will require maximum use of power, so accelerate from your stops quickly, hold maximum permitted speed, and brake efficiently so you don't lose time reaching your stop points. Don't dawdle! This isn't a rail tour, and you have to make up for lost time to keep your customers satisfied.

Watch for the speed reduction to 40 mph before you transit through the rail yard and further speed reductions of 25 and 15 before your stop at Harwich International. Just before reaching Harwich International you may encounter a red signal. It will change to green when you dismiss the AWS warning ("Q" key) just before it. If not, hit the "Tab" key for permission to pass on danger. At Harwich International you can stop your unit just before the phone box near the end of the platform -- pull up next to that noisy HST and breathe in the sweet smell of diesel :)

All other signals are valid and must be respected. Be patient and enjoy the trip!

INSTALLATION --------------------

Install the "TrafficTroublesv1.rwp" file with the Railworks3 Package Manager. The scenarios will appear under The Mayflower Line route as "Traffic Troubles 170" and "Traffic Troubles 380".

STOCK USED --------------------

The following items are required for both the Class 170 and the Class 380 versions of the Traffic Troubles scenario. You may have most or all of these, but I recommend you first check the scenarios with RW_Tools to determine what, if anything, you need to install.


JustTrains IGA Cargowaggons
JustTrains Voyager (Original or Advanced)
WCML-North Route (Steam)
RSC Class 08 Pack (Steam)
RSC Class 66 Pack (Steam)
Class 158 DMU Pack (Steam)
RSC Class 390 (Steam)
Thomson Class 170 Pack (Steam)
Totalize Media Class 380 Pack (Steam)
GARL Route (Steam) -- only for a few scenery items, so not absolutely required


UKTS Freeware Route Pack - The Mayflower Line v2.0.0 [UKTS: 27701]

David Hossack's Railfreight Class 37/0 (default) Repaint (37068): [UKTS: 21639]

David Hossack's EWS Class 37/0 (default) Repaint (37042 & 37114): [UKTS: 21431]

Darren Porter's FTPE Vinyl Class 158 Pack: [UKTS: 27645]

James (Horgy) Horgan's Virgin Trains Class 390: [UKTS: 22899]

Richard Mills' East Anglia Class 170 Turbostar Pack [UKTS: 28629]

Steven Hughes' Greater Anglia Class 380 (fictional): [UKTS: 28966]

To make it a bit easier for you, here's the UKTS bulk-search list:


European Container Pack v.2 (by newS)

Kesselwagen ZZW Version 1 (by Daniel Wolfram, Paul S., zhx)
[Conversion and repaints of the US default tank wagon. These are beauties -- well worth the install.]

If RW_Tools reports something missing, the enclosed Full Stock List may help you find what you need.

Any problems or questions, hit me with a PM on UKTS. Comments are also appreciated. Most of all, have fun!

- jevon

Uploader:jevon (Jevon Harrington) - More from this uploader
File ID:29087
Download Count:497
File Size:0.51 Mb (531,644 bytes)
Operating Company:TransPenine Express - More in this Company
File Type:Activity - More of this File Type
Gauge:UK Standard
Class:Mayflower Line - More of this Class
Country:United Kingdom - More in this country
3D Model Author:N/A
Skin Author:N/A
Cab Author:N/A
Sound Author:N/A
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