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Piccallily [07 Nov 2010]
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Description:Route Building Challenge 2 - Piccallily By chaddockdk



1. Disclaimer
2. Description
3. How to install and use
4. Known bugs
5. A few thankyous and a request


1. Disclaimer.

By downloading these files associated with 'Route Building Challenge 2 - Piccallily By chaddockdk,' you have agreed to not claim any damages against Me, John Chaddock, Duncan Chaddock, Matt Peddlesden, Geoff Potter, Derek Siddle, Adam Lucas, Paul Jackson, or anyone else who is related, or unrelated to these persons, or anything that they are related to or involved with. You also agree that the above persons are not resposible for any damage caused to you, your computer, your Railworks, Railworks 2: Train Simulator, Rail Simulator, or any other installation, or file, your family, your life, or anything else. You also agree not to claim damages against anything untowards that happens to you, your family, or anyone else or anything, including, damage to you, wether permanent or not, damage to your computer, nuclear attack, financial problems, or anything lese you wish to sue anyone for. The above persons also do not hold any obligation to fix anything that is yours, wether or not it is related to this file, or them. You also provisionally agree that you like my route.


2. Description.

a. Contents

This file contains the files for the Piccallily Challenge route by chaddockdk. The contents include this readme, a rwp file for installation to Railworks 2, an image for use as an overview to the route, and a PDF containing detailed diagrams of the trackwork, speed limits, signalling, gradients and tunnels contained in the route.

b. The route

The Route consists of two levels, a lower level, containing a sorting yard, a freight terminal, carriage sidings, and a diesel depot. For extra realism, it is reccommended that you do not travel to the lower level of the route in a steam locomotive. The upper level of the route contains a reception yard, steam depot, electric depot with their own carriage sidings, and a station plus access to a line down to another, underground station serving the docks. It is also important to note that not all lines are electrified, but on all free roam scenarios, a diesel, or a steam loco is provided, should anything happen.

c. Free roam scenarios

Five free roam scenarios are provided for your enjoyment of the route as you wish.

i. Free roam (all locos). This scenario is the default free roam scenario. The route is populated with all the UK steam, UK diesel, and german class 101 electric locos in their respective depots. The Lower level is also populated with an array f rolling stock, mainly of the UK type.

ii. Free Roam (diesel locos). This scenario is the same as free roam (all locos), except that there are only electric locos. Use this if your computer cannot handle a large amount of locos, and you only want to play with diesel locos.

iii. Free Roam (steam locos). This scenario is the same as free roam (all locos), except that there are only steam locos. Use this if your computer cannot handle a large amount of locos, and you only want to play with steam locos.

iiii. Free Roam (electric locos). This scenario is the same as free roam (all locos), except that there are only electric locos. Use this if your computer cannot handle a large amount of locos, and you only want to play with electric locos. A diesel loco is also provided to assist you should you run out of overhead wires.

iiiii. Free Roam (no locos). This scenario has no locos, or rolling stock on it. Use this scenario for creating your own consists from scratch, or for making your own scenarios. USe this senario to populate the route with your own addon rolling stock.

d. Standard scenarios

Two standard scenarios are provided to introduce you to various parts of the route, and to challenge your driving skills.

i. Starting the Down Toothpick. This scenario, you are tasked with collecting the stock for the down toothpick, and then marshalling it down in the docks station, before sarting the train up the hill back to Piccallily station. This scenario is slightly challenging, depending on what attitude the banker is on the back! It also introduces you to the docks branch and it's little quirks.

ii. Upstairs Downstairs. This scenario, you are resposible for shunting locos throughout Piccallily, and performing the little jobs that need doing. This scenario is long, but not too hard, and introduces you to the whole of the Piccallily station area, as well as the lower freight depot.

e. Career scenarios

Due to the limitations of Railworks 2, there are no career scenarios available.

f. The included image

The included image is identical to the route loading screen, and is an overview map of the route. The top left of the map is the upper level, the bottom right is the lower level.

g. The PDF

The PFD is a set of detailed diagrams of the trackwork, speed limits, signalling, gradients and tunnels contained in the route. This file can only be opened with adobe PDF, if you cannot open it, the diagrams can also be viewed on . A key is also provided.


3. Installation.

Start up Railworks 2, and then click on the package manager tab. Drag and drp the rwp file onto the window, and wait. You may need to agree to a few dialog boxes, just press OK. Once all the loading bars are gone, start up railworks and Challenge - Piccallily should be there.


4. Known bugs.

There seems to be a problem with the signals, where they need to be run through for them to show anything but a stop aspect. I've run through all of the signals, and they seem to work now, except for one notable exception, being the Piccallily West home for exiting the north exit of the steam depot, it seems to refuse to clear, whatever I do.


5. A few thankyous.

I would like to thank:
Geoff Potter for running the challenge
Derek Siddle for creating the asset pack for the challenge
Matt Peddlesden for helping with the UKTS side of things, and for providing some of the prizes. for providing more prizes, and finally,
Everyone Else who has given me support through the last couple of months.

And remember, vote for Piccallily!
Uploader:haddock1000 (John Chaddock) - More from this uploader
File ID:25165
Download Count:1268
File Size:2.77 Mb (2,903,662 bytes)
Operating Company: - More in this Company
File Type:Route - More of this File Type
Gauge:UK Standard
Class:Piccallily - More of this Class
Country:United Kingdom - More in this country
3D Model Author:N/A
Skin Author:N/A
Cab Author:N/A
Sound Author:N/A

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