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UK Carriages #1

Over 75 carriages in a variety of liveries.

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A good variety of carriages is essential to re-create railtours and activities from different eras. This pack adds 113 re-skins to your carriage collection.

Version History

1.1.2 - 24th April 2012

  • Fixed missing textures on BlueGrey Mk2 BSO and BFK by bdy26 (thanks to davejc64 for spotting and reporting)
  • Renamed EastCoast stock to ECoast in-line with other East Coast items
  • Additional content added:
    • UKTS 28602: GNER HST Repaint by davidhossack
    • UKTS 28606: East Coast Interim HST Repaint by davidhossack
    • UKTS 28607: National Express East Coast Interim HST Repaint by davidhossack

1.1.1 - 17th March 2012

  • New installer with improved dialogues and options for the user
  • Additional Content Added:
    • UKTS 28277: BR MK2B Coaching Pack for UKTS by bdy26
    • UKTS 28467: TS2012 Mk1 & Mk2 NSE Variety pack for Railworks by bdy26

1.1.0 - 23rd December 2011

  • Renamed all items using the new naming system
  • Additional Content Added:
    • UKTS 25157: East Coast Carriages by 47815
    • UKTS 27529: Carmine and Cream Mk1s (TS2012 model) by bdy26
    • UKTS 27530: Chocolate and Cream Mk1s (TS2012 model) by bdy26
    • UKTS 27886: Mk1 BG Variety pack (TS2012 model) by bdy26

1.0.4 - 1st October 2011

  • Added new version of updater program
  • Modified installer to allow packs to contain the same asset if needed
  • Additional Content Added:
    • UKTS 27347: Maroon Mk1 Pack by Vulcan Productions (Ash Burgess)

1.0.3 - 30th August 2011

  • Added version history to manuals
  • Fixes to registry utility button
  • Improved version detection script to prevent installer crashing
  • Tweaks to updater program
  • Warning popup added to uninstall routine informing users that removal of rolling stock may prevent scenarios which use them from working
  • Additional Content Added:
    • UKTS 24817: TPO NSX BR Coaches by newbouy
    • UKTS 24353: Royal Mail TPO NSA Coaches by newbouy

1.0.2 - 17th August 2011

  • 1st public release

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