How do I get Involved?

Freeware Packs in Action!

The UKTrainSim Freeware Project was born from the community. We always welcome support for the project and there are many ways you can lend a hand.

  • Become a premium UKTrainSim member - Not only do you get access to full speed downloads but your support helps keep the largest TrainSim file library going
  • Donate an asset
  • One way to contribute is to take items that are in the pack and produce reskins in different liveries. A collection of video tutorials have been created to get you started with re-skinning.
  • If you're handy with a camera why not take pictures of buildings, rolling stock etc that can be used by other creators.
  • Are you methodical and careful? Why not help out with the project administration?
  • Is physics or LUA scripts your area of expertise? Why not help improve the donated content?
  • Do you have a flare with videos? Why not create a YouTube clip demonstrating the Freeware Packs

If you would like to get involved with the project or want further information please visit the Contact Page to get in touch. There is no gurantee that donated content will be included in the freeware packs but we will always try our best.

Resources for Contributors

A range of resources are available to help those that wish to donate content.

Conditions of Use

Anyone using content in the freeware packs must not do anything that would break the "Licensing Conditions for Donated Content". In addition to this the following conditions also apply:

  • Content may NOT be used to make profit. This includes (but is not limited to) using content as a requirement, dependency or packaging with any payware, donationware or profit making items without the express permission being granted by the author of the assets
  • You may re-skin, distribute and re-package content with any freeware route or project but where possible you should list the relevant Freeware Pack as a requirement for a route, scenario etc rather than including the content with your route

These conditions are designed to ensure that content donated freely by members of the community remains free. Respect other peoples work and do not put the future of the packs at risk by careless actions.

Licensing Conditions for Donated Content (excludes "Freeware Route Packs")

Authors contributing to the pack do so under the following conditions:

  • Content may NOT be withdrawn from the pack after they have been donated
  • All content may be used, distributed, re-skinned and re-packaged with any freeware route or scenario.
  • The complete pack may be hosted on any website providing no profit is made by offering the download.
  • The content may be edited by a Freeware Pack administrator so that it fits in with the standardised pack structure as detailed in the Guide for Contributors document.
  • The content may be edited by a Freeware Pack administrator to improve the realism of the item. This is primarily used for rolling stock donations and their physics (braking, loading etc parameters).
    You may opt out of this condition if you do not want any improvements to be made to your donations by informing a Freeware Pack administrator
  • Freeware Packs may be distributed on UKTS CD's to provide an alternative to those without broadband Internet access and so they may be given away at UKTS Live events.

These conditions will allow us to create a reliable, simple and completely free resource for the community.

Licensing Conditions for Hosting Pack Downloads (excludes "Freeware Route Packs")

The following conditions apply to anyone wishing to host the packs on an a site other than UKTrainSim:

  • Permission must be granted by UKTS before packs may be hosted on alternative sites
  • The download must be available for free
  • No profit may be made by offering the download
  • A link to the original UKTS download must be provided on the download page
  • The date and version number of the pack must be clearly given on the download page
  • You must email supplying a valid email address and link to the download - This ensures we can contact you (the host) when a new version is released making it easy for you to update your download
  • You must remove the download at the request of a UKTS Freeware Pack administrators
  • Hosting on alternative sites is at the discretion of UKTS Freeware Pack administrators

Licensing Conditions for Donation and Hosting of Freeware Route Packs

These conditions ONLY apply to Freeware Route Packs. Routes frequently use content from a wide range of asset creators and the permissions granted by these individuals have to be respected. Given the wide range of permissions that each route author has to respect it is not possible to create a generalised list of rules other than the few you see below. This means that each route has it's own set of conditions above and beyond what you see below. These conditions will be detailed in the route download screen and in the license agreement agreed to during the installation process.

  • Freeware Route Packs may NOT be withdrawn from the project after they have been donated
  • Each route has it's own specific licensing conditions which apply on top of this list
  • Unless specified in the individiual license conditions for a route, hosting, modifiying, editing, and distribution is NOT permitted
  • If you have any questions please contact us

These conditions allow us to ensure users can obtain the pack freely and consistently.